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Most gorgeous march day today!



New Career/Job Opportunities

Craziness has been ensuing lately in terms of my determination to make money, stay busy, and have adult interaction 🙂 I first signed on with a certain skin care line that claims to be all-natural and “organic.” This opportunity came out of nowhere and I was SO not looking for it, but I became excited about the prospect of working independently.  I just couldn’t get behind the product knowing it wasn’t really the organic product I thought it was.  In researching, though, I found Miessence, a comprehensive skin, body, hair, cosmetics line that is USDA certified organic, up to food-grade standards. I am now super excited and at the same time apprehensive about working on this business. The cool things about this line of products are 1. It’s certified organic; 2. It’s a one-stop online shop; 3. These products are unquestionably super safe and healthy for you.  Just check on the cosmetics database!

I am also gearing up to start working as a postpartum doula, and am advertising my search for my first clients. Lately, it has been hard to fall asleep with all the thoughts, ideas and plans running through my head!

Fun with Instagram

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, blog… I’m getting confused… Big kids are in school and apparently I have way too much time on my hands this morning




Gotta admit, I love this time of the day…


This explains the quiet while I dry my hair



Dawson (baby #1)

the scientist

Dawson is my first.  He arrived about 7 months after my wedding and was 7 weeks premature, though very healthy.  He’s always been my “easy” kid until recently, when he decided to start acting like an almost five year old boy who is jealous of the attention his sisters are getting and acts out because of that.  He’s driving me NUTS. Though I love him so.

Crossfit Look Better Naked Challenge (LBNC)

I started the LBNC on Jan 7. I am not supposed to eat grains or sugar until February 29. (I am considering posting before and after photos depending on how good I look at the end). I have actually been doing no grains for a few months now and I have been feeling great. That means no pasta, bread, rice, etc. But, seriously, even though I am not much of a sweet eater, I am CRAVING CAKE and cookies and ice cream right now! I think it’s because I made cake for Rylan’s first birthday (and, of course, ate it – here it is):

20120117-142331.jpgand now I’m still in sweet-eating mode.  These cookies help curb my cravings just a little bit:but not really.20120117-142352.jpg

Delaney (baby #2)

This picture epitomizes the type of child Delaney is.  While her four-year-old brother trepidated slowly up the steps and waited until the line of children on the ladder behind him grew crowded to the point where he had no choice but to go down, Delaney fearlessly climbed up and slid down (at the speed of light it seemed) until we could convince her to move on (I believe food was the bait).

From birth, Delaney was active and fidgety, difficult to put down, and a lot of work.  I had a very difficult time adjusting to the two kids. When she was about nine months old I found out I was pregnant again.  I was shocked, frightened, horrified, and a little excited at the same time, I must admit. Things have been working out well though since little angel Rylan has come along.  It feels like a real family now.

Rylan (baby #3)

20120116-224100.jpgShe’s just an angel. That’s all I can say. I am so very glad she completed our family. Nice socks Daddy.


Welcome to my first blog, where I will discuss (hopefully with humor) the ups and downs of motherhood (to three), my random interests in food, cooking, Crossfit and the Paleo diet, and my attempt to find my (second) calling in life besides motherhood.


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