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Most gorgeous march day today!



New Career/Job Opportunities

Craziness has been ensuing lately in terms of my determination to make money, stay busy, and have adult interaction 🙂 I first signed on with a certain skin care line that claims to be all-natural and “organic.” This opportunity came out of nowhere and I was SO not looking for it, but I became excited about the prospect of working independently.  I just couldn’t get behind the product knowing it wasn’t really the organic product I thought it was.  In researching, though, I found Miessence, a comprehensive skin, body, hair, cosmetics line that is USDA certified organic, up to food-grade standards. I am now super excited and at the same time apprehensive about working on this business. The cool things about this line of products are 1. It’s certified organic; 2. It’s a one-stop online shop; 3. These products are unquestionably super safe and healthy for you.  Just check on the cosmetics database!

I am also gearing up to start working as a postpartum doula, and am advertising my search for my first clients. Lately, it has been hard to fall asleep with all the thoughts, ideas and plans running through my head!

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