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Crossfit Look Better Naked Challenge (LBNC)

I started the LBNC on Jan 7. I am not supposed to eat grains or sugar until February 29. (I am considering posting before and after photos depending on how good I look at the end). I have actually been doing no grains for a few months now and I have been feeling great. That means no pasta, bread, rice, etc. But, seriously, even though I am not much of a sweet eater, I am CRAVING CAKE and cookies and ice cream right now! I think it’s because I made cake for Rylan’s first birthday (and, of course, ate it – here it is):

20120117-142331.jpgand now I’m still in sweet-eating mode. ┬áThese cookies help curb my cravings just a little bit:but not really.20120117-142352.jpg


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